Portions: 02 Preparation time: 30 minutes

Zucchini pancakes with Pastena – a paste of black olives OLE!

• 1 zucchini
• 1 egg
• 4 potatoes
• 1 clove of garlic
• ½ cup of flour
• 2 tablespoons Pastena – black olive paste OLE! + for decoration
• ½ a bunch of parsley
• 1 teaspoon of marjoram
• Salt, pepper

Grate the potatoes (medium mesh). Put it on a strainer that is put over the bowl (what is left at the bottom is the starch which be used later, pour out the liquid). Grate zucchini as well and combine with potatoes. Add the egg, flour, potato starch, grated garlic clove, chopped parsley, marjoram, salt, pepper and Pastena – black olive paste OLE!
Mix everything. Deep fry them (it will make them crunchy) or bake them in the oven at 200 Celsius degrees until golden brown. Serve with cream and a bit of Pastena OLE !.