black olive paste

This unique paste will definitely satisfy the palettes of black olive connoisseurs. Thanks to the characteristic aroma of these little snacks, they are the perfect ingredient of both plain or flavoured tapenades. They go great with cold snacks or hot meals. You can take a jar to the family picnic or an outdoor gathering with friends and enjoy the exquisite flavour of the olive paste as you scoop it up with a crispy grissini breadstick, cracker, or nacho. When you combine it with pasta, you will get a delicious and easy-to-make Mediterranean lunch. It’s also the perfect topping for a slice of your favourite bread or baguette and can be used as stuffing for French pastry or pies.

Suggested uses

vegetarian dishes
for catering
for restaurants
for chefs


black olives 54%, rapeseed oil, green olives 9%, peanuts, corregio cheese (pasteurized milk, salt, stabilizer: calcium chloride, rennet, lactic acid bacteria, preservative: egg lysozyme), herb blend, salt, aromas, acidity regulator: lactic acid

Nutritional values in 100g of the product

energy value 1484 kj/361 kcal
fat 36.7g
including background acids 4.2g
carbohydrates 0.5g
with sugars 0.5g
fiber 5.6g
protein 4.8g
salt 1.6g


250 ml