Portions: 06 Preparation time: 60 minutes

Mini Cakes with Baked Pumpkin, Feta, and Golden Onion

Shortcrust pastry:
– 150g flour
– 70g butter + for greasing molds
– 1 tablespoon sugar
– 1 level teaspoon salt

– Butternut squash
– 50-70g feta cheese (to preference)
– 1 teaspoon dried thyme
– Salt, pepper
Pickled golden onion OLE!
– 12% sour cream

Prepare and chill the shortcrust pastry for at least 30 minutes. Cut the pumpkin into pieces, place on baking paper, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake at 200°C for about 30 minutes until soft.

Roll out the pastry thinly, cut circles, and line buttered molds dusted with semolina/breadcrumbs. Bake for approximately 20 minutes at 180°C.

Mash the baked pumpkin, mix with crumbled feta and seasoning. Place the pumpkin mixture on the cooled pastry, add a dollop of sour cream in the center, and decorate with golden onion.