Sundried tomatoes

without brine

are an original, healthy, ready to eat, and oil-free VEGE snack. This product stands out among other snacks due to its unique Mediterranean flavour inside a convenient packet.
If you are looking for an intensive tomato flavour and original sensations, you will be delighted by how convenient and easy the snack is both at home and outdoors. You can take the OLE! sundried tomatoes without brine to work, to school, to the park, to the movies, or on the road. When you have had enough, you can close the packet and leave some for another time. You can also use the tomatoes as ingredients in salads or main courses.

Suggested uses

vegetarian dishes
for restaurants
for chefs


sun-dried tomatoes, salt, acidity regulator – citric acid. Pasteurized.

Nutritional values in 100g of the product

energy value 470 kj/112 kcal
fat 0.6g
including background acids 0.2g
carbohydrates 20.0g
with sugars 20.0g
fiber 9.3g
protein 4.8g
salt 5.0g