OLE! Pastena – Dried Tomato Paste – is a unique combination of original ingredients locked in a convenient and practical jar, which you can take to work, on a picnic, or open during a house party and serve as dip for snacks. You can add it to both hot and cold meals. You can also spread it on bread – together with a baguette, it makes an original and easy-to-fix snack. It will also do a great job as stuffing for tarts, rolls, French pastry, crepes, or eggs and enrich the flavour and aroma of meat and pasta.

Pastena is a paste made of OLE! Dried Tomatoes, to choose in the classic version or with garlic. Each of them is dominated by the aroma of dried tomatoes enriched with a composition of delicate herbs, and in the taste version – by the addition used. .

OLE! Pastena – paste with black olives it's delicacy and original taste characteristic of black olives, enriched with a composition of perfectly selected spices and combined with delicate oil. You can't deny it.

OLE! Pastena – paste fried mushrooms is a unique fusion aromatic fried mushrooms and onion on a gentle oil. It delights with intense taste and inspires to new, culinary experiments.