The OLE! Bruschetta line includes fresh tomato snacks made with Italian recipes and is the first of its kind offered under the OLE! brand.

OLE! Bruschetta combines pieces of juicy, fresh tomatoes with aromatic ingredients – herbs and seasonings. One of the available flavours is garlic, a delicacy among Mediterranean cuisine gourmets.

These delicious products are the OLE! brand’s response to the demands of its consumers, who are in the market for original and easy to use products made from fresh vegetables and top quality ingredients and available in convenient jars.

Bruschetta also makes for a great paste, which you can spread on a slice of your favourite bread, piece of a fresh baguette, or a piece of toast for an easy to make and delicious snack.

You can also use it as an original and aromatic side dish of baked fish, homemade casseroles, and your favourite pastas, or as exquisite crepe filling or sauce.

It also makes for a great pizza or light vegetable cake sauce.

Thanks to the convenient jar, you can also take it on a picnic to always have a fresh vegetable snack ready to spread on your favourite crisps or to work as a part of your delicious lunch.