Events 28 / 02 / 18

Workshops with a Star: Electrolux Taste Center Warsaw

Workshops with a Star is a premium event dedicated for Polish performers, celebrities, journalists, actors, and culinary and lifestyle bloggers. It is held in innovative, stylish locations like hotels, restaurants, and cooking studios. This time, OLE! was invited to the Electrolux Taste Center cooking studio in Warsaw for culinary workshops hosted by Karolina Szostak and the co-author of the books dedicated to her spectacular metamorphosis – Marta Kordyl. The people in attendance included numerous representatives of the Polish culinary and lifestyle blogosphere and enthusiasts of healthy lifestyles.

During the workshops, Karolina Szostak revealed how she was able to lose excess weight, clean her organism, and – most importantly – how she is able to maintain the beautiful effects of her hard work on her body. Besides discussions, the guests had the opportunity to come together and cook some healthy, light, and tasty meals involving OLE! products and received some parting gifts from the brand in form of OLE! product packs. But the main goal of the event was to infect the guests with positive energy, motivate them to start taking care of their bodies and minds, and showing them that dietary cooking does not have to be hard or boring! Such meetings are the perfect opportunity for culinary and lifestyle inspirations!