Dry Tomato Paste with Garlic

The mild aroma of our Dry Tomato Paste will encourage you to combine it with other ingredients. It goes exceptionally well with garlic. You can add Pastena to both hot and cold meals. You can also spread it on bread, but it’s deep, specific flavour will come out fully only when you heat it up. You can combine it with pasta or puff pastry to create a delicious Mediterranean dish and serve it as cracker dip or condiment for picnic snacks. It does a great job as stuffing for pies, crepes, or eggs. You can also use it to bring out the aroma of your meat, casseroles, or soups.

Suggested uses

for catering
for restaurants
for chefs
for everything


dried tomatoes (tomatoes, salt) 53%, rapeseed oil, garlic flavour, pickled garlic (garlic, salt, acidity corrector: citric acid, lactic acid) 3%, mixed herbs, granulated garlic, sugar

Nutritional values in 100g of the product

energy value 1344 kj/326 kcal
fat 31.0g
including background acids 2.3g
carbohydrates 5.9g
with sugars 5.5g
fiber 7.1g
protein 3.0g
salt 1.5g


250 ml