MIX with Dried Tomatoes in Oil with Herbs

OLE!’s green olives, black olives, and dried tomatoes are the best flavours of Mediterranean cuisine. These sophisticated snacks are extremely aromatic and sunny. OLE! decided to put them all into one jar to create the marvellous composition of olives enriched with the flavour of dried tomatoes. This snack has an original Mediterranean nature. OLE!’s dried tomatoes have a deep and unique flavour, the olives are temptingly dry, and they are all submerged in an oil with a touch of aromatic herbs. Could you imagine a better combination? The Olive MIX is a tasty and colourful mix original vegetables, which is delicious and looks good.

Suggested uses

for catering
for chefs
for everything


green stuffed olives (olives, paprika paste (water, paprika concentrate, stabilizer: calcium chloride, guar gum and sodium alginate, preservative: potassium sorbate), black pitted olives (water, olives, salt, stabilizer: iron gluconate), dried tomatoes (tomatoes, salt) – in different ratio, rapeseed oil, acidity corrector: lactic acid, herbs, spices, sugar

Nutritional values in 100g of the product

energy value 1855 kj/451 kcal
fat 48.3g
including background acids 4.1g
carbohydrates 1.9g
with sugars 1.1g
fiber 1.7g
protein 1.3g
salt 2.5g


314 ml